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Resources for Parents
Biblical Womanhood-Manhood Parenting

The resources on
this page are very
helpful in the training
and nurturing of godly children.  God's Word
is of course our first
and foremost resource,
after all He made us, however, He has also blessed us with wise, insightful tutors for
whom I am deeply


Baucham, Voddie:  Family Driven Faith
Meade, Starr:  Grampa's Box: Retelling the Biblical Story or Redemption
Meade, Starr:  Training Hearts/Training Minds
Plowman, Ginger:  Don't Make Me Count to Three
Priolo, Lou:  Pleasing People
Priolo, Lou:  Teach Them Diligently
Sande, Ken:  The Peacemaker
Tripp, Paul David:  Age of Opportunity
Tripp, Tedd:  Shepherding A Child's Heart
Tripp, Tedd and Margy:  Instructing A Child's Heart
Younts, John:  Everyday Talk

Home Education AV Resources
Botkin, Victoria:  Curriculum Advice (CD)

Homeschool Curriculums and Resources


Biblical Homeschool Curriculum
     The "Any Novel" Novel Study Guide!

* Can be used for any novel!

* Is flexible enough to work with any age group from
   grades 6-12
* Takes into account different learning styles and
* Teaches students how to really analyze novels,
   characters, themes, and plots
*  Is downloadable and affordable
*  Can be used with multiple students

  For More Information Click Here

Biblical Homeschool Curriculum
Analytcial Grammar
A systematic approach to language mastery

This is my favorite curriculum for teaching grammar.
It is easy to use but very comprehensive and
challenging.  I never thought I could find a grammar
curriculum that my son would actually enjoy doing!
It finally "clicked" and made sense to him.
I highly recommend Analytical Grammar.

Biblical Homeschool Curriculum
Now YOU can produce winning homeschool transcripts that will help your child’s college dreams come true…

    Without spending a thin dime on so-called accreditation agencies …
    Without having to follow inflexible programs that hamstring your homeschool and beat the joy of learning right out of your child …
    And without EVER allowing yourself to be intimidated by pompous professional educators who insist they know better than you what’s right for your family!

Biblical Homeschool Curriculum
The Mystery of History is an excellent History program for your homeschool and now the folks at Bright Ideas Press have incorporated it into a full curriculum called Illuminations that is a comprehensive, Classical, Christian curriculum that covers all subjects except Math.  It is practical, fun, affordable, and encouraging.  Designed for two levels (3-8th Grade or High School) Illuminations is a multi-level re-usable, non-consumable, user-friendly curriculum at a great price.

More to Come

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