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When do you begin?  Really you begin right away to model Biblical femininity and masculinity, however, we need to do more than just model it because there are so many conflicting worldviews out there.  The actual formal addition of it into your child's curriculum would depend on the maturity of the child and when they can write and formulate summaries of what they read which would probably be around 9+.

How often do you do it?  We did it in small bites every day.  Each year I would try to go through books on each of the topics listed in my ebook: topics such as loving your children, integrity, work, keeper of the home, modesty, etc.  Over the years my kids knew it was part of their curriculum just like  math, history, and science.  My girls called theirs BBW (Beautiful Biblical Womanhood) and my sons called theirs BDM (Biblically Defined Manhood).

How much time does it take?  That really varies with each individual child and with each family.  One of my daughters loved to write and would spend at lot of time writing beautiful summaries.  My sons didn't spend as much time writing but would spend time talking about it with me or their dad.  I tried to make the study guide assignments short so that it did not add a lot of time to their already busy schedules.  I was amazed at how many books we went through a little at a time.

What did you do for variety?   We didn't do just books with summaries, we also incorporated videos, CD's, DVD's and articles all having to do with Biblical manhood and womanhood and examples of people in history and today that model how the Bible presents these things.  After reading through a book, we took a week or so and watch a DVD series or read through some articles or spent some time discussing issues.  We also took some time to read through some fictional books that presented families where fathers and mothers modeled what the Bible says.  They are not always easy to find but they are out there.  My kids liked the variety of mixing up the various mediums throughout the year.

Is it too late to start with a high school student?  No!  That is when I started with my daughters.  I have found that when you start modeling these things when the kids are young they just naturally fall into the curriculum, however it is never too late to instruct your sons and daughters in what the Bible has to say about these things.  The culture around us is loud and strong in its views which are vastly different than the Word of God.  That is why we must be intentional in instructing our children. 

Does this include lesson plans or do I plan my own?  Every study guide has a day by day set of assignments.  It was a handy way to work it so that each child could do their BBW or BDM on their own time.  Also, if something came up unexpectantly and they missed a day or two, they just picked up where they left off and continued on.  I would usually read through their summaries each week to check on their progress and I thoroughly enjoyed reading what they had to say.  I did not grade their work but encouraged them to do all their work to the glory of God.

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